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UWC Amala Changemaker Foundation Programme

The UWC Amala Changemaker Foundation Programme is a collaboration between UWC and Amala in partnership with Rise.

UWC Amala Changemaker Foundation Programme


  • Are you between the age of 15-18 and currently enrolled in secondary school in Kakuma Camp, Kenya? 
  • Do you want to develop skills to become a changemaker in your community? 
  • Do you want to gain access to new educational and training opportunities, potentially including a scholarship to attend a UWC school? 

Join the UWC Amala Changemaker Foundation Programme!
We are looking for an exceptional cohort of 20 young people who want to serve their communities by learning new academic, personal development and social skills.

Why apply? 

  • Develop a project to improve your community
  • Develop skills in leadership, conflict resolution, problem analysis, innovation, wellbeing, embracing diversity and critical engagement 
  • Improve your English for both academic and work purposes
  • Make friends with people from different countries and backgrounds

The UWC Amala Changemaker Foundation Programme includes: 

  • A Social Entrepreneurship course where you will learn about the role that social entrepreneurs can play in solving challenges and explore how to make change in your own communities through designing and implementing a project that does social good
  • A series of booster workshops on topics such as Leadership and Wellbeing to support you on your changemaker journey
  • Support with applying for a scholarship at a UWC school and to other opportunities

How does the programme work? 

  • It is a part-time programme, lasting 20 weeks (approximately 5 months), starting from late January 2020.
  • 10 hours of study each week; 6 hours in person as a class, and 4 hours of independent study. The majority of the in person programme will take place at weekends.
  • If you are selected for the UWC Amala Changemaker Foundation Programme, you will then be able to apply to UWC’s two year residential International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme via UWC Kenya. Two successful applicants from Kakuma will receive Rise-UWC all-inclusive scholarships for refugees to study at one of UWC’s 18 schools around the world.
  • All students will have support in accessing other opportunities for further study/employment.
  • The UWC Amala Changemaker Foundation Programme in partnership with Rise, a  global talent initiative to find outstanding young people who need opportunity, and support them for life as they use their talents to build a better world. 

Deadline for applications is 31 December 2020