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Jared Hall

3 November 2021

Vice Principal (Academics), UWC Changshu China

Jared Hall serves as Vice Principal (Academics), contributing leadership in all aspects of teaching and learning at UWC Changshu China.

Over the past ten years he has held key academic leadership roles at the Affiliated High School of Peking University (BDFZ), the Hotchkiss School in the United States, and in start-up school design in Shenzhen. As a founding faculty member and Assistant Dean of BDFZ’s international division (Dalton Academy) he helped grow the program from a single classroom to almost 200 students, including launching the school’s signature experiential learning program. As Dean of Academic Life at Hotchkiss he led a revamp of the school’s Humanities Program and guided the school’s transition from the Advanced Placement (AP) to a fully independent curriculum. His role at Hotchkiss was closely connected to student wellbeing and efforts to promote an inclusive learning environment for international students and students from diverse ethnic, socio-economic backgrounds.

Jared has taught courses in history and philosophy, often in topics related to Chinese studies. He holds a Master’s degree in Chinese history from the George Washington University and is currently pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, he has completed advanced Chinese language courses at Peking University and Renmin University. Reflecting on his teaching and ongoing learning, he has published several articles and a book chapter.